Modification Of Out-Of-State Orders

One of the problems divorced parents face is the issue of family relocation. When a custodial parent wishes to move to another region or state, matters of possession and access must be addressed. When you are trying to address such problems from your new state of residence, the process can seem impossible to negotiate.

At the law office of David L. Willis, P.C., in San Antonio, Texas, we work with individuals who have relocated to the state of Texas and are seeking legal assistance to modify out-of-state orders. Call 210-271-9212 to learn how we can help.

Making Modifications To Out-of-State Orders

As with modifications to Texas orders, out-of-state orders applying to children can be modified in three ways:

  • Possession and access
  • Apportionment of the right to establish residence
  • Child support

Attorney David L. Willis works with clients to resolve out-of-state matters and make effective adjustments to post-divorce orders.

Let Our Insight Help You

For more than 30 years, we have helped clients with modification of existing orders. We have experience handling matters out of state and will apply that insight to your situation. Advising you on the factors that apply to your situation — length of residence in Texas and the consent of your former spouse — attorney David L. Willis can help to pave the way for a smooth transition.

The frustration and confusion over conducting legal business out of state can be minimized by working with an attorney trained to deal with such complexities. We can help you make effective changes brought about by alterations in your lifestyle or economic situation. Call 210-271-9212 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.