Planning Your Estate Is An Act Of Love

We Also Represent Clients In Estate Administration And Disputes

At the San Antonio-based law office of David L. Willis, P.C., our services involve practice areas beyond family law. We offer a range of estate planning and administration services to address concerns with personal estates and distribution to beneficiaries. If you need counsel to help you through the probate process in the state of Texas, you may rely upon our practical, respected service.

Our estate work is primarily related to administration and probate. However, we do assist clients with the drafting and review of basic wills. We can help you draft a will free of needless complexities or potential tax issues.

Handling Administration Matters Efficiently

We work with individuals on the legal issues associated with the death of a loved one — helping to ensure that matters are handled in a timely fashion, and with dignity and respect. Our services also involve helping families understand estate laws peculiar to Texas. If your loved one has a will and owned property in the state of Texas, we can guide you through the expeditious process involving a muniment of title.

Resolving Conflicts

While not common, conflicts regarding an estate can occur. If you find yourself caught up in a will contest, breach of trust or other dispute, securing an attorney can help ensure that fair play is observed and bring resolution.

If you would like assistance drafting a basic will or administering a loved one's estate, rely upon the estate administration attorney David L. Willis. He can help you move quickly through the processes involved with estate planning and probate. Call 210-271-9212, or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.