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Children’s Issues in Divorce

Parents often are most concerned about their children when divorce is imminent. How will a child cope with their parents' breakup? Will it have lasting effects on the parental relationships? Noncustodial parents often wonder if they will have enough time with their children.

At the law office of David L. Willis, P.C., in San Antonio, we work closely with parents to ensure their concerns are addressed. We help our clients set realistic objectives and work through disputes, often reaching agreement without the need to litigate. Attorney David L. Willis brings more than three decades of experience to bear in assisting clients with the important decisions that must be made regarding children in divorce, including:

  • Custody and parenting plans — Decision-making authority is usually shared, while decisions about where a child spends his or her days and nights needs to be determined.
  • Child support — Child support is determined based on a formula in the Texas Family Code. It is payable until a child reaches 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. We protect our clients' interests, whether they expect to receive child support or pay it.
  • Allegations of abuse — We are adamant about protecting children who are in an abusive household or any dangerous environment, but we also recognize that parents often face false accusations or suspicions of abuse.
We Share Your Concerns About Your Child

With more than 30 years of family law experience, attorney Willis understands why parents are so concerned about the impact of divorce on a child. We share that concern, which is why we emphasize resolving disputes amicably and avoiding heated litigation whenever possible. By reaching agreement on parenting matters through negotiation, both parents will have more control over the look and feel of the plan that is ultimately put in place. Solutions Start With A Phone Call

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your concerns and offer our assistance on any disputes you are struggling to resolve. Call 210-245-8292 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.

Client Reviews
Mr. Willis is a fantastic lawyer! I was terrified about the entire process of having a child custody modification done. Mr Willis kept the process very simple and kept me updated on my case. He's honest and I felt like he was very devoted to my case. I also appreciate that he took the time to explain things to where I could easily understand them. I would definitely use his services again in the future If I needed to. Wesley A.