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Mediation Makes Emotional and Economical Sense

Divorce is challenging even when there are no heated disputes and prolonged litigation. It does not make sense to add that to the process if you can avoid it. However, when parties end a marriage or a nonmarital relationship in which there are children, it can be difficult to reach agreement on the numerous issues that must be resolved.

Working with an experienced family law mediator often proves effective in finding common ground and avoiding litigation and the increased legal costs that go with it. At the law office of David L. Willis, P.C., in San Antonio, attorney David L. Willis uses his 30-plus years of legal experience to help parties reach amicable agreements in disputes that seem destined to be settled in court.

Working With a Third-Party Mediator

In his role as a neutral mediator, Mr. Willis helps parties understand Texas statutes as they apply to child custody, parenting plans, child support, alimony and other matters. He does not side with either party. Instead, he explains how the dispute may be resolved if it goes to court and provides as many options for resolution as possible.

Both parties can be represented by legal counsel during mediation, but many people elect to work solely with the impartial mediator and have an attorney review any agreements before they are signed.

Resolving differences through mediation allows both parties in a dispute to retain more control over the outcome rather than put these important decisions into the court's hands. Studies also have shown that agreements that are reached through mediation are more likely to be followed by both parties than orders from a family court judge.

We will work together in one or more sessions to discuss differences and review possible solutions. Mr. Willis is highly skilled at leading constructive conversations that produce compromise and solutions. Once an agreement has been reached, our office will draft the necessary documents that must be approved by the court.

Learn More About the Success of Mediation

If you have questions about how mediation works in family law matters, we are happy to address them. Call 210-245-8292 or send us your questions using our online contact form.

Client Reviews
Mr. Willis is a fantastic lawyer! I was terrified about the entire process of having a child custody modification done. Mr Willis kept the process very simple and kept me updated on my case. He's honest and I felt like he was very devoted to my case. I also appreciate that he took the time to explain things to where I could easily understand them. I would definitely use his services again in the future If I needed to. Wesley A.