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Military Divorce

The Complexities of Military Divorce Require Special Attention We Counsel Military Personnel and Spouses of Service Members

Military divorce presents complex issues that are unique from civilian divorce. When facing a military divorce, it is important to work with an attorney who understands the intricate issues involved who knows how to navigate the complex jurisdiction issues and who is dedicated to preserving your rights. At the law office of David L. Willis, P.C., you can count on our experience, knowledge of the law and loyalty to your interests.

With more than 30 years of legal experience, San Antonio attorney David L. Willis represents military service members and military spouses throughout South Texas through the divorce process.

Resolving Disputes Regarding Retirement Benefits

Military retirement benefits are frequently the biggest issues that arise in a divorce involving members of the armed forces. Not only are retirement benefits typically the largest asset owned by a couple in these situations, in many cases, they are the only asset of any significant value. Controversy can arise regarding the division of military benefits at the time of divorce — and frequently at the time of commencement of military retirement pay, especially if the divorce agreement or divorce decree is not drafted carefully.

A military member's spouse is entitled to share in retirement pay and other military retirement benefits, regardless of the length of the marriage. However, in certain situations, such as if the military service member becomes disabled and elects to receive Veterans Administration disability benefits in exchange for military disability benefits (in which case, military retirement pay is reduced), the spouse of the military service member may face reduction in military retirement pay.

We understand the significance of military retirement pay and other military retirement benefits in your divorce agreement. With a practice founded on experience, creativity and dedication, we utilize our skills to create a divorce agreement that works for you. When necessary to protect your interests, we have the courtroom experience to represent your rights at trial.

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Mr. Willis is a fantastic lawyer! I was terrified about the entire process of having a child custody modification done. Mr Willis kept the process very simple and kept me updated on my case. He's honest and I felt like he was very devoted to my case. I also appreciate that he took the time to explain things to where I could easily understand them. I would definitely use his services again in the future If I needed to. Wesley A.